"Objects in memory are larger than they appear”

My childhood memories shift and reconfigure like the sands of the desert I am so accustomed to. Every lapse into a lived experience uncovers new artifacts from the dunes of memory. Childhood homes in which the layers of dust have grown into heaps become the archaeological digs within my mind. With each layer I carefully dig up, a clearer picture of my past begins to form. From the vestiges of my early experiences I begin to piece things together. I find a navy Nokia phone, the grey-green screen flashing a high score my cousin Abdulla set while playing “Snake”. Hidden between the armrest and a cushion of an olive green, corduroy reclining chair is a plastic purple cup with a dried layer of tea and milk pooled at the bottom. In the corner of the room sits a tiny television with wires extending out of its red, white, and yellow ports which culminate in a Spanish yellow Nintendo 64 controller. Fatboy Slim’s “Funk Soul Brother” emanates from the speakers on either side the 11” display and is slowly replaced by Jimmy Buffet’s “Cheeseburger in Paradise” sung slightly out of tune by Mama in the kitchen frying tiny burgers that come in a long box displaying an illustration of a dancing patty with a chef’s hat. 

Laser-engraved sand (sand, sodium silicate, CO2), memories
80cm x 45cm x 5cm each (l x w x h)
Providence, RI, USA