Sand Tablets

Using a laser-cut stencil of a poem from Bahrain, I created a series of sand tablets from a mixture of sand and sodium silicate. The process involves a method similar to that of screen printing, where the stencil is used as a screen and the sand is sifted and packed through it to create the raised text on the surface. By altering certain variables in this method, such as the level and thickness of sand and setting time, a variety of finishes and textures is achieved. The nature of sand as an ephemeral and soft material creates pieces that are always changing, like the desert sands. The tablets break and the text wears away giving these pieces the sense that they have withstood the test of time. The surface of the text is revealed and concealed in different lighting conditions. As the light changes, certain information is lost and/or hidden. These pieces attempt to portray the fragility of history. Time is the ultimate destroyer.

Sand, sodium silicate
60cm x 35cm x 5cm each (l x w x h)
Providence, RI, USA