Providence artifacts

This project began by traveling to Newport, RI and attempting to explore and excavate pieces of informal written and documented history. This process involved a form of heightened observation that continued in later iterations of this work. Using the found object from Newport, RI, to create a mold, this cast glass piece drastically changes the perception of the original as it is presented in a different material. The glass piece shows signs of aging and alludes to a longer history that which can be compared to a stone tablet. In a second iteration of work involving artifacts, several clay impressions were taken from objects and places around the city of Providence, RI that include text and other forms of information. Writing played an important part in this process by linking these contemporary artifacts with historical tablets. Assuming the role of an archaeologist, I began experimenting with the documentation of excavated artifacts. In this case rubbings were made to extract texture and information from the surfaces of these tablets.

Clay, cast glass, graphite on paper
Varying sizes
Providence, RI, USA