"Watering the distant, deserting the near" VI

Time changes everything. It is a matter of duration that affects the perception of this change in the minds of the individual and of the collective. Memory works in a similar manner; in other words, you can only remember an event if you have experienced it, and over time that memory too will fade, transform, and misinform. These sculpturs allude to both the catastrophic drying of Ain Adhari and its eminent disappearance from the living memory of Bahrainis.

Casting a layer of resin on top of plaster casts from the landscape of the spring at Adhari, I created three reliefs of varying heights. Each resin cast partially reveals some of the original landscape which the plaster captured while the remainder of the cast can be seen under the clear surface. These gestures replicate the process of water drying from the land, where portions of the earth are slowly revealed.

Much like the waters of the spring, the memory of this once iconic landmark will soon evaporate from the minds of future generations who now have other, newer monuments to refer to and preserve. The water is gone, and soon the memory of it will vanish too - but we still have stories to tell.

Three tables; plaster, resin, steel
50cm x 50cm x (40/50/60cm)
Manama, Bahrain