"Watering the distant, deserting the near" V

The original plaster casts were utilized to create silicon molds which were then used to cast glass in a kiln. The resulting glass tiles were placed together to make a platform on which people could walk. The top surface of the glass tiles was perfectly smooth and acted as a lens through which one could look down to the bottom surface that was rough and textured - a replica of the landscape.

Incorporated beneath the suspended glass tiles incorporated is a pool of water as a reference back to how the spring used to be. The cloudy glass tiles created a ghostly impression of a landscape that has undergone so many changes, in this version of it the texture of the landscape almost appears as ripples of water. The water below reflects the underside of the tiles on which the texture can be seen, creating a mirror reflecting back a memory of a time that has since been lost.

Glass, water, rubber, steel
150cm x 150cm x 15cm
Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE