Seeing: 10 Sketchbooks

Sketchbooks are amazing things. For the uninitiated, purchasing blank pages might seem futile, but acquiring a sketchbook is not done for its object value finished product; one acquires sketchbooks for the latent potential that lies within the blankness. Ever since I decided to become a student of architecture, not very long ago, I have begun to amass a large collection of filled sketchbooks. Some fulfilled the promise that lied within their blankness, while others deviated from that promise, albeit in productive modes. Each sketchbook that I have owned represents a particular time of my life, filled with entries that describe the places I went, the people I met, the words I heard, and thoughts that crossed my mind which would have otherwise fled. I engage drawing as a process of discovery; it is an act that transcends mere observation to become a record of what I see, leaving traces of memories that recount my experiences. Engaging in this mode of operation helps uncover what was previously hidden. 

The collection of sketchbooks exhibited in the space showcased a variety of drawings and collected objects that documented my travels and everyday musings. The series also showed a development of my own drawing and compositional style from one sketchbook to the next. I buy my sketchbooks for little to nothing, but when they are filled they become the most treasured objects I own.