When drawing, I use the process as a tool of discovery. Drawing gives me time to look; enough time to help me see. Drawing can help me explore an object or a place, and experience its materiality in relation to its surroundings. Building on this idea, I looked into how it can be applied in an architectural context as a way to experience special phenomena. Moving through the Al-Fahidi neighborhood of old Dubai, I created a drawing that embodies the atmosphere created within that particular space in terms of the density, height, proportion, and compactness of its spaces. This drawing is an assembly of many individual sketches that were drawn in my sketchbook as I moved through the narrow alleyways. The quick, loose sketches capture the essence of the spaces that I moved through, leaving an imprint of what I saw and how I saw it. The forms come together to create a unique experience of space that is characterized by a fluctuation between expansion and compression.

Having been shortlisted among 50 other artists for the 2013 edition of the Sheikha Manal Young Artist Award, Windtowers was exhibited at the Dubai Ladies Club and later won 2nd place in the Fine Arts category.