MarketScape is a project developed for the Jerash Refugee Camp outside of Amman, Jordan. It is proposed as part of a collaboration between the American University of Sharjah and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). This project is one of many initiatives aiming to improve camp life for Palestinian refugees at the Jerash Camp in the near future.

Beginning with an interest in transformative spaces, refugee participation, and the use of existing material, this project evolved through the exploration of using corrugated roof planes to create new spaces. Several drawings and collages, some abstract and some more realistic, examined the integration of this inexpensive and versatile material to attempt to bridge the gap between the existing context of the camp and the introduction of a new addition. The goal was to design a proposal that would blend in within the camp due to the use of familiar materials, but stand out in terms of its construction, composition, and conception of space.

Early iterations of the design idea manifested themselves within the context of the marketplace. Here the planes of corrugated metal became roof planes, doors, benches, tables, and windows. The planes could be moved by the users of the spaces to alter the perception of the space according to a particular time of day or use.